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About Us!

Imagine if everyone performed one good deed a day? One act of kindness every day. What could the world look like? We are entering into a scary age that focuses on the importance of our ever-increasing technological advances. We are also fighting social injustice daily in every corner of our globe. We live in an age where members of extremist terrorist groups are using the name of God falsely to destroy humanity. In spite of all the apparent negativity in the world, would like to encourage all of its readers to practice doing daily good deeds! Some people say that our thoughts make up our words, and our words make up our actions. In turn, our actions make up our lives, our character, and who we are as people. The goal of is to urge people to focus on the positive elements of the 21st century, and how we can contribute to the goodness of humanity.

This website was designed with the hope that people would share their stories about good deeds that others have done. You can also feel free to share your own story (preferably anonymously) about a good deed that you have done. If we want to live in a peaceful world, we first must create our own peace of mind, and peace within our homes, school, work environments, and places of worship. The Good Deeds Project would like everyone to join is on our mission, encourage the innate goodness of humanity, and reverse the direction of evil that we are witnessing and watching on the news. Please join us in our mission, and share your stories about acts of kindness and “good deeds” that have happened to you, your family, or in your area. You can also feel free to provide links to articles about acts of kindness, and help us restore faith in ourselves and humanity! Thank you in advance for being part of our “Good Deeds Project,” and don’t forget to take part in our mission, whether or not you post or read online about our ongoing mission!


The mission of Good Deeds Project is to spread peace, increase joy, and restore the goodness of humanity. Although we live in an age threatened by war, and full of negative news about shootings and terrorism, Good Deeds Project believes that we can reverse the cycle of negativity and evil by doing at least one good deed a day! Our website will share stories about good deeds that occur around us, and encourage you to share your “good deed stories” too!